Legal Process Outsourcing

Simplifying the Complexities of Legal Tasks

Discover the benefits

Vinali Group offers comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of your firm.
You can focus on what matters:
Outsource legal processes with Vinali Group and free up time to concentrate on core legal matters.
Specialized expertise at your service:
Access our team's specialized knowledge and experience in legal process outsourcing for efficient and accurate task handling.
Cost savings and efficiency:
Experience cost savings and streamlined operations by leveraging Vinali Group's cost-effective legal process outsourcing solutions.

Tap into the Hispanic Market with Vinali Legal Intake Team

Our skilled professionals can efficiently handle inbound calls in either English or Spanish, demonstrating impeccable etiquette, empathy, and legal education. By effectively explaining the process and facilitating seamless transfers, we can convert qualified leads into valuable clients.

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Customized Legal Staffing Solutions: Find Your Perfect Fit.

Vinali Group is a leading provider of legal process outsourcing services, understanding the crucial need for a strong and innovative team to effectively support your organization and clients. Our specialization lies in delivering highly qualified professionals for a wide range of legal functions. Whether you require Contract Negotiators, Legal Researchers, Document Review Specialists, or Compliance Analysts, we have the expertise to match you with the right talent.

Outsource Routine and Supportive Tasks with Confidence

In any law firm or corporate legal team, there are numerous routine or supportive tasks that can easily be outsourced. With Vinali's extensive experience in both the American national market and the Colombian market, you can trust us to recruit, hire, and manage your Legal Support team seamlessly.

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Some of the legal roles we can place for you:

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