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Near-shore Staffing Solutions

who we are

Vinali Consulting Group is a US based team that coordinates with the recruitment and contracting of qualified near-shore talent providing IT, Marketing, Accounting and Analytics Services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Why Colombia

Colombia is only a three hour flight from Florida.
Colombian culture, being in the Western Hemisphere is highly influenced by American culture where two in three college graduates speak English and are immersed in American mainstream trends and traditions.
Colombian infrastructure concerning connectivity and transportation and security are highly advanced and efficient.
Colombian accent when speaking English is easier to distinguish and understand versus most other accents originating from other countries due to familiarity. There are 60.5 million Hispanics in the US in contrast to 4.1 million people of Indian origin in the United States.

Our Solution

As an extension of our clients to their customers, the Vinali process begins with identifying core business needs and requirements, recruiting top talent to meet those needs and coordinating solutions to optimize workflow and results.

Our Principles

Vinali Consulting Group is founded on three key principles – it’s Culture of excellence, Efficiency across all business processes and Operational Savings to our clients. The premise of our business is people. Establishing teams with a winning culture is the catalyst to our success. A winning team takes pride in performing at high levels, builds off the synergy of like-minded team members. Hence, constantly seeks a way to outperform established goals and objectives. As a result of constant process improvement, operational costs are passed through to our clients. The end result achieved through our emphasis of these three pillars is more cases closed, shorter resolution turnaround time, and excellent client service experience provided.

Our Mission: Service, Transparency, Passion

Our mission is to serve each individual we interact with, whether a client, a coworker, or patient with the respect and dignity. We understand this is truly a people business, how we treat each other makes the difference. We work within a multitude of industries within small, mid cap and Fortune 500 firms, but it all comes back to one same principle – genuinely serving who we work for with complete transparency and unparalleled passion.