Business Process Outsourcing

Near-shore Solutions for Your Needs

who we are

Vinali Group is a U.S. nationally certified minority woman-owned business enterprise with near-shore business process outsourcing (BPO) in healthcare revenue cycle management, virtual assistants, contact center, recruitment, and consulting services. We strive to constantly pursue excellence and award-winning service at a low cost, making your company a top priority.
At Vinali Group, we provide our clients with top-quality bilingual healthcare revenue cycle management personalized to your clinical practice needs. We have a dedicated and well-trained team of customer support specialists who are able to consistently provide excellent services delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Busy executives, especially those involved in startup businesses, need assistance every day but often cannot afford to hire the services of a qualified full-time executive assistant. A Vinali Group’s VA will have the qualities of being a problem-solver with experience, prioritizing the organization’s high-level goals, managing calendars, making travel arrangements, and completing priorities in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.
Bilingual contact center services to manage communication and interactions between your company and customers. Optimize the operation of your entire enterprise and save precious time that can be devoted to refining your market strategy or developing other business aspects.
Recruiting is time-consuming now, more than ever. Vinali Group’s RPO team brings a world of talent right into the palm of your hands. You tell us what talent you’re looking for, and we’ll deliver qualified, educated candidates right to your inbox at a fraction of what you would pay for talent in the US.
Vinali Consulting Group is a US based team that coordinates with the recruitment and contracting of qualified near-shore talent providing IT, Marketing, Accounting and Analytics Services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our Process

Knowledge sharing and strong effort at the inception of each project always increases our ability to be successful throughout. It is this pre-planning phase that allows us to get started on the right foot!
  • Step 1 Discovery Session: Understand your business, culture, and how you personally prefer to accomplish tasks
  • Step 2 Find Talent: Recruit and interview candidates who will fit your business model and needs
  • Step 3 Build the Team: Implement technology and expectations
  • Step 4 Training: Thorough training on your company, culture, and tasks to be performed; trial run
  • Step 5 Execution: Your fully committed team will be working out of Vinali Group’s Office with management and performance supervision

Why BPO?

Our services are personalized to your individual needs to lighten your load and reduce your stress
Vinali Group BPO solutions are unique in that we offer our services and support through affordable, month-to-month retainers, with no long-term contracts.
Our knowledge of entrepreneurship is to help you:
  • Eliminate frustration
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Focus on what drives your company forward
  • Do your best work, without the guess work
  • Stress less
  • Profit more
Vinali Group is committed to providing you with consistent reliability for every customer interaction, the attention to detail necessary for every aspect of your business model, and the provision of an exceptional customer service experience.
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Our Mission: Service, Transparency, Passion

Our mission is to serve each individual we interact with, whether a client, a coworker, or patient with the respect and dignity. We understand this is truly a people business, how we treat each other makes the difference. We work within a multitude of industries within small, mid cap and Fortune 500 firms, but it all comes back to one same principle – genuinely serving who we work for with complete transparency and unparalleled passion.